Central England Co-Operative Careers

Valuing Diversity

With over 8,800 colleagues working across our different business areas, the skills, knowledge, personality and commitment that each person brings make our organisation truly diverse. Whatever your background or walk of life, you’ll find that we’re a business which welcomes fresh thinking, different outlooks, new opinions and innovative ideas.

Diversity and Inclusion are at the very heart of our employer brand. Because our members and customers are so very diverse, ensuring that we reflect that diversity in our own workforce means that we can better understand and meet their needs.

We recognise and value the creative potential and rich dimensions that individuals of different backgrounds, abilities and beliefs bring to their work. We understand, respect and actively embrace these differences knowing the positive impact they make not just on our working culture and values but on the communities we serve as well.

We want to ensure that our business is inclusive and accessible for all colleagues, members and customers and we are committed to attracting and developing talent wherever it exists to ensure that every colleague has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

If you apply to work with us, you will be judged solely on your ability to do a great job, and nothing else.

Ethnicity – Our aim is to ensure that our colleague demographic mirrors the regions where we trade to ensure we are truly able to represent and serve those local communities.

Age: 50+ - We value the life experience and customer-focus our mature colleagues bring to our business.

Age: 16 - 21 – We proactively provide initiatives to help young people and school leavers into work.

Females in Management – At Central England Co-operative we understand the benefits that a diverse range of thinking can bring to our management structure and are actively seeking to develop and recruit Managers from the widest possible talent pool.

Whilst we have not yet reached our goals from a diversity point of view, we believe that by openly discussing our objectives and publishing our statistics publicly we can reach our goal of creating a workforce which is truly representative of our local communities.

We value every individual’s contribution to our business, regardless of ethnicity, gender (including gender reassignment), age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, religious or political beliefs and marriage or civil partnership status.

We know that having an inclusive workplace means we can recruit from the widest talent pool possible, then develop and retain that talent long-term. Because, for us, Diversity and Inclusion aren’t just words. They are the principles that underpin the way we do business: the way we interact with each other, with our members, with our customers and with the communities we operate in.