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We’re one of the UK’s largest and most successful independent Co-operative societies with 500,000 customers served each week, £1billion sales each year, more than 420 trading outlets over 16 counties and approximately 330,000 regular trading members.

The core principles, ethics and values of the Co-operative Movement are at the heart of everything we do, a fact that was recognised in 2013 when we were named as the UK’s Co-operative of the Year.

We pride ourselves on working together to create value for our members, to deliver exceptional customer service and to invest back into the communities where we’re based. This is what gives Co-operatives their unique character. At Central England Co-operative, we are individual. Just like you.

Right now we trade across 16 counties, from the Midlands to the East Coast. We have over 250 foodstores, more than 100 funeral homes, 23 filling stations, 22 Post Office branches, 21 travel branches, 9 florists, 3 opticians, 5 masonry outlets, a specialist vehicle building business, a crematorium, a coffin factory and a distribution centre. Not to mention our management of a significant investment property portfolio. Our Business Support Centre is located in Lichfield, Staffordshire.


This year marked the beginnings of the Co-operative Movement when a group of Lancastrians set up the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers. Soon Co-operatives were springing up all over the country.

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By now there were around 950 retail Co-operatives across the UK benefitting both members and customers.

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Over the years nearly 70 Co-operatives have merged to further strengthen their offering over larger geographical areas. Midlands Co-operative Society was formed when Central Midlands Co-operative Society merged with Leicestershire Co-operative Society.

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In this year Ilkeston Consumer Co-operative Society and Desborough Industrial Society joined us.

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Now the Raunds Co-operative Society came on board.

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We were still known as Midlands Co-operative Society until we merged with the Anglia Regional Co-operative Society and became known as Central England Co-operative.

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The history of all of these mergers and integrations means that we now operate in a complex trading area covering 16 counties and we’re one of the most successful independent retail societies in the UK. Our Vision is:

‘to be the UK's best consumer Co-operative society by making a real difference to our members and our communities.’

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Valuing Diversity

With over 8,800 colleagues working across our different business areas, the skills, knowledge, personality and commitment that each person brings make our organisation truly diverse. Whatever your background or walk of life, you’ll find that we’re a business which welcomes fresh thinking, different outlooks, new opinions and innovative ideas.

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When you join us you’ll receive a great benefits package, including membership of the Society which allows you to share in the success of our business through the dividend payout (subject to eligibility criteria). Each and every member is a co-owner of our £multi-million organisation with the chance to have a say in how the Society is run.

Find out more about membership here: http://www.members.coop/ This link will take you to the society’s dedicated Membership website.

Ethics and Social

We are committed to putting the Co-operative values and principles into practice in everything we do. This includes our approach to the way we do business, which is set out in our corporate responsibility policy.

  • Giving back to our local community
  • Raising money for charity
  • Being as energy efficient as we can
  • Recycling and other ways of reducing waste
  • Being an ethical retailer

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